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Read the following sentences and choose the best answer according the antonym (in capital letter).

1. Today is a WARM day, said Karoline to Peter.
Hot, Cool, Shine, Heat

2. He is a STRONG man.
Weak, Sturdy, Powerful, Happy

3. We are going to talk with our ENEMIES.
Lost, Neighbors, Friends, Rivals

4. Mr. Brown always makes EASY tests.
Soft, Hard, Strong, Weak

5. His garden is very LARGE.
Small, Enormous, Big, Huge

6. OPEN the door, please!
Close, Huge, Free, Soak

7. In the trial the judge declared this person GUILTY of all the facts.
Easy, Rival, Innocent, Simple

8. The International Organizations are going to be in a TEMPORARY way in the country.
Permanent, Guess, Complicated, Soak

9. How POVERTY is defined?
Wealthy, Guilty, Cold, Idle

10. How you are going to JOIN these wires?, Said Ana to Pedro.
Paste, Separate, Unite, Gather

11. He is HAPPY of being here.
First, Jolly, Unhappy, Exited

12. My MOTHER is living in Guanacaste.
Small, Father, Love, Guilty

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